We are a network of highly qualified, seasoned communications professionals, each with 20 or more years of communications experience. We have acquired and honed our skills working with some of the world’s leading organizations and brands, trade groups and corporations.


From strategy formulation through program implementation, our communications campaigns are built on research, knowledge and industry insight. We specialize in providing practical, high-impact solutions.


Whether it’s a large campaign or small project, we build an appropriately scaled team of on-call professionals for each and every engagement, ensuring that the right experts are available for each individual communications task. As a firm we focus on what matters most: tangible results.



Darshana Patel, Communications Consultant

With over 20 years of experience in issues management and public relations, Darshana combines a passion for media and client relations with a strong creative voice. In her role as a communications consultant, she leads public relations efforts for a wide range of clients across multiple industry sectors including industrial/manufacturing, education, energy, construction, international development and agriculture. Darshana’s previous agency experience includes developing successful campaigns for clients such as the US Postal Service, George Mason University, National Restaurant Association, Williams Sonoma and United States Steel Corporation.


A native of India, Darshana began her career working as an editor and reporter for The Times of India, India’s widely circulated newspaper.


Darshana holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism and a bachelor’s degree in economics.



Phil Piemonte, Communications Consultant

With over 25 years of experience, Phil has provided public relations and editorial expertise to U.S. and international businesses and organizations for industries ranging from metals, telecommunications, law, education and healthcare. His written materials—including white papers, op-eds, press releases, backgrounders, web and marketing copy, sales collaterals and other editorial products—have supported communications campaigns for organizations ranging from Constellation Energy and Verizon to the American Public Health Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Phil holds degrees in English and journalism from Ohio State University.




Parakh Batra, Creative Director

Parakh Batra leads Creative Services for Latitude, working closely on communications campaigns in the creative, technical and business aspects of graphic design, digital media and special events production. With over 2 decades of experience as a graphic designer, Parakh brings visual and conceptual design talents to support a broad range of clients.


Her past experience includes working for clients such as SAIC, Maden Technologies, IRS, Naval School of Health Sciences, US ARMY (Defense Messaging Services), Perspecsys, Department of Homeland Security, DoD, and iJet International.


She has taught Photoshop and Web Design at the Maryland College of Art and Design in Bethesda, MD and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Digital Graphics from the University of Maryland.



Molly Hughes Wilmer, Senior Advisor

With over 25 years of multidisciplinary background and an analytical mindset, Molly brings strategic insight and value to business. Molly leverages specific subject matter expertise in organizational development, management, education, marketing, public relations, sales, and technology with transference of universal principles to other fields. Molly’s ambidextrous approach strives for integrated solutions that synthesize and optimize all components of the system, virtual and real, digital and human.


Molly has worked for clients in real estate, technology, intellectual property, telecommunications, fine art, government contracting and international crime prevention. Molly holds a B.A. in English Literature from Loyola University Maryland.